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Patrick Graham
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I've used some of their new gold primers with no problems. I used them in my 40 S&W Glock 27. That's isn't a fair test because the Glock will eat everything I feed it.

Are their new gold primers "harder" than their older silver primers?

I'm sure that the differences between the old silver primers and the new gold primers are more than cosmetic. I wish we knew what those differences were.

A 12 years ago I bought a box of 1000 CCI primers to use for reloading 38. The reloads worked fine in my ruger sp101. BUT, I had some that didn't ignite in my S&W model 60 while shooting double action. They would ignite when I fired them in single action mode. In double action the modl 60 hammer doesn't come back as far as it does in single action, therefore not hitting the primer hard enough in double action mode.

I wonder if the new winchester gold primers are going to give me the same problem as the CCi's did in my modl 60.

Keep us posted Rod.

Patrick Graham
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