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Two or three weeks ago I posted about some problems I, a friend, and other shooters had mentioned on the net with Win. LP primers (brass colored). There had been a significant number of reports of failures to ignite.

The reports from the net were not too specific, but here's what happened to my friend and I. He had several (5 or 6) failures in the same box of fifty reloads for his Wilson .45 ACP pistol. His first ever, though he's only been loading for about a year.

My problem was different from his in that his loads went bang with successive hammer drops, but mine (one failure) didn't with multiple ones. I pulled the bullet and had unburned powder in the case, so the problems seems clearly to have been a dead primer, my first in 25 years or so of reloading.

In the course of discussing this situation on the net and receiving confirmation that other, different, posters had similar experiences, I was told by in one post of Winchester's ammo site with e-mail acceptance. I sent an e-mail outlining the problem to them. Several days later (at least a week--I had forgotten even sending the e-mail), I received the following form e-mail containing no salutation whatsoever:

"Thank you for contacting Winchester Ammunition. We are always glad to hear from our many friends in the shooting sport. Concerning the WLP primers that you had recently reported to our website, please contact me at 800-356-2666, ext. 2738. I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Sharon K. Quirk"

Earlier today I sent the following reply:

"Ms. Quirk:

I called your number and ext. twice just now. The first time the [automated] system disconnected me. The second, I was referred to [again] "voice mail system" which was unavailable. Hummm.

At any rate, your e-mail to me indicates I "have questions." I had none. I was trying to make you aware of a serious condition for several of your customers. The ho-hum response from Winchester will be noted in several places on the shooters' bulletin boards.

Thank you."


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