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I'm convinced. The deer in the Sam Houston National Forest have all beamed up to the mothership and gone to an alternative universe!

I have spent the last week or so following some good advice given here: reading, studying, looking at topo maps with the hubster, watching the weather channel like it was the only thing on TV, and taking a quick Ph.D. in scent control and stinky-stuff usage. I was so good, I had a bird buzz my ear as he flew by, he was so utterly unaware I might be a threat. I went back to my trail where I shot the buck, set up this morning after it had gotten livable out, was utterly quiet, sat there for seven hours. I got to watch birds, listen to an armadillo on the other side of a big scrub brush from me, listened to at least one young buck scratch his antlers on a tree not too far away, and saw........

NOTHING! NADA. ZIP. ZILCH. Unless you count the birds. At least I saw a couple of species I don't know. But deer? HA!

Tomorrow it rains, so I will be at my art table finishing a couple of icons for clients so I can maybe have a bit of money to actually spend on Christmas. Friday is a possibility, but it is going to be cold enough that there's no point in going up until mid-day. We're talking in the low 20's in the mornng, and yes, Capt. Charlie, for here that is WAYYYYY colder than usual. I think we are going up on Saturday, maybe with a co-worker of the hubster and maybe even Youngest Son. If between the four of us we can't come up with one deer, I'm going to go back to crochet for the rest of the winter

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