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Here's a guy who should have had a gun on him

Man who wanted to teach creationism allegedly beaten on rural road

Well, his story stinks. "I was, uh, beaten up by people who shouted about my creationism views as they did it, but uh, I don't know them, can't identify them, and it, uh, happened far, far away from where anyone could corrobora- I mean, could have seen them do it."

Happens all the time. People make up crap just to get themselves noticed. Always ambiguous stuff, usually very transparent.

Anyway, from the story:

A college professor whose planned course on creationism and intelligent design was canceled after he derided Christian conservatives said he was beaten by two men along a rural road early Monday.

University of Kansas religious studies professor Paul Mirecki said the men referred to the class when they beat him on the head, shoulders and back with their fists, and possibly a metal object, the Lawrence Journal-World reported.
. . .
The professor said he confronted the men after they were tailgating his vehicle along a road south of Lawrence. ā€œIā€™m mostly shaken up, and I got some bruises and sore spots,ā€ he said.

I guess the context of his life's situation already demonstrates that he is not a brilliant man, but did it really make a lot of sense to him to STOP, get OUT of his car, and CONFRONT TWO obviously belligerent men WITHOUT A GUN FOR DEFENSE?

He got his ass beaten. In my view, he certainly asked for it. If I were such a controversial figure, I'd definitely have a gun to carry for defense. As it is, I'm not a controversial figure, and if two guys were following me, I would not stop at the side of a rural road to confront them, and I DO carry a gun.

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