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I use mostly Winchester products due to their
low cost for bulk quantities of primers and
powder, I use 231 for 9mm and .45acp, stick
to Winchesters reloading manual, Speer scares
me with the high weights for max loads, some
others stay close to Winchesters max loads,
follow the load manual and seat bullets to
specs, load 6 rounds and test fire, if your
still in one piece and the gun is, then try
for accuracy, just be sure of your powder
charge, I don't know what kind of measure you have, I reload progressive and use a RCBS
Uniflow, I get it set and still check after 10 rounds, reloading is fun and SAVES alot
of$$$$$, and once you start the more you'll shoot, be carefull and have fun,:}
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