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BE VERY CAREFUL reloading 9mm brass. (case thickness, brittleness and volume VARY WIDELY between manufacturers. I'd buy a BULK pack of once fired commercial brass (IN ALL ONE BRAND) for 9mm. I bought a bunch of mixed cases from midway and the results were not good.. its very easy to make a compressed load with 9mm brass compared to 45 because of the smaller capacity and .1 grain might be all the difference in a sammi compliant load and a compressed load.. just because the cases vary between brands.

Besides.. with 1 lot of brass you will get better consistant accuracy and load data.

(BTW in 45 cases I generally ignore this.. there is "enuff room" in most loads to NOT EVER create a compressed load working within my paarameters)

My pet load for plinking is a 200 grian semiwadcutter by laser cast, a cci large pistol primer and 5 grains of red dot.

Measure twice, load once, stay safe...


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