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Hello, sir. Congratulations on beginning reloading. I hope you find it as nice as I have over the decades. I'm no professional, but will offer what's worked for me in these two calibers for you to do with as you choose. First, I generally use Bullseye and Unique powders as they were the most popular when I started and I've been most happy with them. There probably are better powders available today, but I have loads of this stuff and stick with it.

In .45ACP: A nice factory duplication load is a a cast 225 or 230 gr RN loaded over 4.8 to 5.0 gr. Bullseye. Load to the same LOA as ball. Velocity is in the range of 775 to 820 ft/sec. out of a 5" bbl. I use WW or Fed primers. You can also load a 200 gr CSWC over the same powder charge for an average velocity of 826 ft/sec which has proven accurate and easy on the gun. I've also had good luck with the Rainier 230 gr plate RN over 5.3 gr Bullseye for 832 ft/sec. If you want one load for everything, I've had excellent results overall with a H&G #68 CSWC loaded over 7.2 gr Unique. The last time I chronographed it, velocity was in the 1000 ft/sec range.

In 9mm, the most accurate load I've found in a wide range of guns, but especially Browning HPs is: 124 gr Hornady XTP/6.0 gr Unique/FC cases/WW or FC primer. Average velocity from a Browning HP and CZ 75 respectively is 1243 and 1238 ft/sec. Load to 1.11" LOA. I don't suggest going any hotter, but have never had any problems with this load insofar as pressure is concerned. While I've never had as good of luck with cast or plated bullets in 9mm with regards to accuracy as with jacketed, the following works reasonably well for a factory ball duplication load: 124 gr. Rainier plated RN/6.9 gr BlueDot/same as before. Load to same length as ball. Average velocity from BHP and CZ 75 respectively is 1166 and 1168 ft/sec. You can also load the Sierra 115 gr PJHP over 6.2 gr Unique for an average velocity from the HP of 1242 ft/sec and it, too, is accurate. Hope this is of help. Best.
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