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All good info above ! That's what I like about this site. We have people on here with years of knowledge and they are willing to share it with anyone who wants to listen.
First off , my reason for stateing that I was useing 3 f and not 2 f was not because I thought there would be a volume difference but because 3 f of Goex gives me the best hunting accuracy and I thought it may help others if they wanted to try it in there Remington.
Weight can be different than volume and if anyone has ever reloaded you will know that's true, that's why most serious reloaders have trickle chargers. Every grain can make a difference and you can be several grains off with a dipper or measurer of any kind. Would a couple of granuals make a difference to most of us ? No way! If it does then you are a better shot than any man alive. In my reloading days my 22-250 and 243 Groundhog dispatchers were loaded as perfect as I could make them. I even weighed each bullet before loading but we were taking 300-400 yard shots at Groundhogs. The reason for loading with the most accurate and consistent loads we can is because we want all the help we can get to improve our accuracy and the get consistent FPS from our loads.
I don't have a set of scales anymore so I can't tell you if Im over , under or right on 40g of fff but I can tell you that the loads are consistent.
My loader is the kind that you dump in your powder a little higher than the top and then you slide the top (spout) over the top and it levels off the powder. Works great for me! A good set of digital scales may surprise several of us but Im not ready to get that serious again.
As my Pappy always said ....Son , ifin it aint broke leave it alone!
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