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BP is 75-25-10, charcoal, K, S. Any make will weigh the same, no matter the granulation.

100 grs per 100 gr by VOLUME, as that is what the VOLUME is measured against, BP.

What I am trying to tell others is that if they are trying to load 40 gr and they can't, and you guys are saying, Hey, I got no problem, just mebbe they are using a bad measure, trying to load 50 grs. or more.

Some of you, with bad measures, would be better off with a set of Lee dippers. They are true as to CC, but you have to go to the conversion tables to see what Xcc of BP is

Mine is a bad measure. Way off. I am better off with an empty cartidge case than with this piece of crap. Weigh a 357 throw, tomorrow, see if it hits 30 grs or so.


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