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All is going well, I tried what I think I will make my first MASS Load.

A Winchester Large Pistol Primer.
4.9 grains of Winchester Super Target
And a Rainier 230 Grain Total Copper Jacket

Grouped very well. And felt recoil was not unlike any factory load I have ever used. A nice guy at the range let me fire 10 through his chrono and the average was 810 fps.

I tried the aa#5 with 8.0-8.7 grains and felt recoil was seemingly a little higher with a massive improvement to 922 fps. but the grouping was quite erratic. Be it a beginner or just the nature of the beast I'll stick with the WST for now. This is however banging around ammo.

I am also looking for a picture of a .45ACP cartridge with all the external dimensions on it. I'd like to print it and hang it on the wall in my workspace. I have a small .gif image but do not know how to enlarge it. I do not have $100.00 to go buy Paint shop Pro.
If anybody has or can make a picture the size of a sheet of paper with all the dimensions on it or knows where to find one, please let me know.

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