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A true AD and penetration story. Quite a few years ago in a moment of severe stupidity, lapse of caution and violation of the rule that says, "Keep your finger off of the trigger", I fired my 1911 in my front bedroom. Luckily no living thing was hurt but I can't say the same for my neighbors airconditioner (It was summer here in Fla}. The hardball round went through the wall, through the outside wall and proceeded to murder my neighbors new TRANE air conditioner (A necessity of life in this part of the world - especially for an elderly couple). This occurred at about midnight so the heat wasn't too bad. I offered to put them up in a hotel until I could fix the problem. At 4PM the following afternoon and $1650.00 later, they had a brand new unit. My faithful cat who follows me everywhere like a shadow, couldn't be found for several hours. Penetration is amazing. Had I fired that round in a slightly different direction it could have easily gone out of my house, into theirs and into one or both of them. A SOBERING AND FRIGHTENING THOUGHT!!!! An amusing side note, when I related the story at work one of my colleagues suggested that I file an insurance claim with the NRA as he thought they would cover it. My response was something to the effect, "ARE YOU CRAZY, do you think I am going to admit to the shooting world what I did?". Well after many years and in the interests of education - I am admitting it.
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