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I believe that Col. Harrison referred to the odor of the NRA formula as "pungent" and I will certainly agree to that. Residing in NJ, I really don't have the problem of melting lube but I can relate to the buying it in quantity and using it for the next few years. Maybe that is why I'm not up to date on the latest "hard" lubes. The NRA lube does just about eliminate leading in both handgun and rifle loads for me. The Col. specifically mentions exactly what you refer to on .38 wadcutter bullets as to the best accuracy with lube in only one [bottom] groove and excess lube all over the muzzle with all three grooves filled. I compromised and lube in two groove although it will take longer that way to use up my supply. I remember well that black goo that Lyman sold years ago and if I never see or smell that again it will be too soon. To conclude, I think the bottom line to Walker's problem is to wipe off the excess lube on those bullets he has [either before or after seating] and either buy bullets with the "hard" lube or with less of the older lube. A pleasure conversing with a fellow caster Paul B. Quantrill
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