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Quantrill. All of the commercial cast bullets in my neck of the woods have the hard lube.
I hated that black gunk Lyman used to sell as bullet lube. I worked for a while for a commerial bullet caster, and used literally tons of that stuff. I don't much care for the NRA formula lube, although it works quite well. It's messy, it stinks, and on a hot summer day in my shed( My wife calls it my playpen) the lube will ooze out onto the floor. I hate that stuff. When using it on .38 Wadcutter bullets, I only lube the bottom groove. Same with 185 and 200 gr. in .45 ACP. Any more lube and accuracy goes down the tube.
I have gotten good results with Lymans "Orange Magic" but you do need a heater for your luber-sizer tool. I haven't tried "Orange" on the target loads yet. Want to use up all the Alox up first. It'll be a while as I got a good deal on it a few years ago. It'll probably be in the next 5 years before I use it all up. Got to cast the bullets first.
Looked through Col. Harrison's articles real quick like. Did not find where he said that on all lubes. Will let it stand for now until I have time to re-research it further. Still think I'm right on that issue though. Let's put that on hold for now.
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