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Big Bunny. Wise words and an interesting post. I have an old conversion unit that makes an electric hand drill into a drill press. I found it in a pile of junk my late father was throwing out. I figured I might find a drill that fit it. No such luck.
When I used my Lee Loader dies, I would neck size by putting the unit in a vise, and turn it down. One day, I was looking at the drill press system, and wondering what to do with it. All of a sudden a bright light. Use it as an arbor press. By adjusting the height for each operation, I can do all the functions of a regular press, without banging everything with a hammer. I never was very comfortable with beating on it to seat primers. I've had a few go off, it I happened to get too enthusiastic. ( )
It is also a lot less tiring if you are doing a couple of hundred rounds at one time.
I just thought I'd pass that along, in case you'd like to try it.
Paul B.
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