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Yes, I use the Lee Dippers for low volume shotgun and rifle re-loading.While considered a bit retro by the cognocenti - I love them!
They are designed to have a safety margin of around 10% built in, but please follow the instructions EXACTLY and start 10% low and build up to it in YOUR rifle until the desired result is obtained .
I also load W30/30 in the field when needed (on my Land Rover tow-bar) using a Lee 30/30W 'Lee Loader', also 410 and 12GA shotgun, 303BR, 6.5x55 Swedish and 308W. They are great for "survivalist" reloading, but follow the instructions to the letter.
I also have a powder scale now, 4x reloading manuals and a set of full heavy press dies for all of these calibres as well.(So why do I use Lee?...well-I will add to that after this)...
(1)Make sure your S\H Lee Dippers are original and not- EG- out of another kit or swapped and also clean internally.
(2)Make sure your cardboard slide-chart of all the powders is compatible with the dippers!
(3) Get some large rifle primers(I prefer Winchester) and bluntish .308 projectiles and go for it! It is a bit like tying your own flies for trout fishing, really mind-bendingly satisfying.
Sure... be careful and take all the precautions and wear eye protection etc, but do NOT be frightened off reloading(or more accurately ammo assembling)for years, as I did!I now regret this, but unfortunately only started in 1990 with the 410 3" due to only 17c each reloaded Vs 80c(imported from USA) from a shop!Then came 12GA 3"mag for the same reasons and then...30/30W !
(4)Join a club and\or get a mate to check your powder weights to give you peace of mind, and ensure you keep primers clean and check for duff cases etc etc.
Funnily enough Lee(from memory) do not recommend lubrication, probably it causes more problems than it solves for neck sizing only. I use a dab of castor oil from the medical pouch every 5 rounds or so on the neck. After 7(or less) rounds or so the ammo will get sticky on extraction. You will need a Full Length vice-die to re-size or have a mate do it for you on a full-sized press.
A "soft-faced" hammer is recommended with the Lee Loader to stop rod and die damage, but in emergencies any hard object will do!
(Bear in mind, in the event of reloading and component supply bans by a future state or federal government(as in UK now and Oz perhaps tomorrow?), it is easier to store/conceal a Lee Loader(half the size of a paperback novel) or a Lyman tong-tool(amongst other tools in your tool box) than a full-sized press.....even a small one... [Ahem,wink]...Have fun!

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