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Hello everyone, I usually dont frequent the reloaders forum, usually I can be found in Handguns or Rifles... but today I REALLY need some reloading advice, so I thought I'd come ask the reloading pros in hopes of finding some help.

I recently bought a Marlin 336cs in 30-30. I do reload a little, but only for .38 special and 9mm handgun. My equipment is Very Cheap. I have a Lee hand press, two sets of dies (38 and 9mm), I even use lee powder scoops in place of a scale (I picked up whole set of these scoops used at a gun show for $5) Will I need any special equipment to get started loading 30-30??

I realize I need the dies for 30-30, which type is best?

Does 30-30 use the same size primers as handgun cartriges? Can I get away with loading the same powder?

As you can see, I'm not a serious reloader, but If I can pick up just a few additional items and be able to load 30-30, that would be a Huge Help!! Feel free to tell me any thing I need to know before I go out and buy the dies! Thanks in advance for your replies.
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