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If you desire to enter law enforcement to contribute to society rather than be a corrupt leech, then it would behoove you to try to understand the position of the civilian. Otherwise, you are just a thug with a badge.
Instead of being an ignorant ass, you could educate yourself.
That will give you info about the state cars.

In fact, the last time I saw State Trooper lights in my rear view was over 25 years ago. They used to be red back then, I have no idea what they are now. I think they were blue for a while. The city police lit me up a year or so ago, but I can't recall what it looked like other than blue. The Parish Sheriff has never pulled me over, so I don't know if his are red or blue or what.
And here:

Never once did I mention about you traveling through MY area - yet once you saw that I was taking part in LE training you attacked me. This is why lines are drawn between the community and LE. Get a grip.

Like I said, use common sense.
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