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Mogsniper94, that is a very typical engagement. Your observations on reactive sighting methods are right on the mark. I appreciate you being willing to share your experience with us.

Here is an example on how easy pointshooting is to do once you understand how.

I have a friend that I shoot with, he is been back from Iraq for about six months now. He is a hard core sights only guy! We were messing around with my airsoft and he asked me to show him EU/ED.

I gave him a very quick overlook of FAS, mention the 10 elements of threat focused shooting, and had him shooting fast and accurate EU/ED at four yards in about three minutes.......yes three minutes! Fist size groups, COM, as fast as he could pull the trigger, from the hip, from a guy that has never taken an unsighted shot in his life.

In five minute he was making the same shots then transitioning to the head and putting the shot right where he was focusing on, in the cranial ocular cavity.....from the hip!

The first time he did it he turned to me with a look of amazement. He proceeded to do the same thing about ten times in a row. He went into my house and grabbed all of his equipment, basically the same stuff he wore in Iraq. His vest with all of his magazines and his AK. He put on about thirty pounds of equipment and tried EU/ED again. After we figured out exactly where he would "lock in" he was right back to shooting a beautiful, fast, and accurate EU/ED.

As we were finishing up, I asked him what he thought. He said "This definitely fits in my tool box, thanks!"

Five minutes is all it took to convince a naysayer.

With two opponents, with two reasonably close skillset, elbow up/elbow down, will almost always beat flash sight picture. The reason for this is economy of motion.
"Situations dictate strategy, strategy dictates tactics, tactics dictate techniques.....techniques should not dictate anything."
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