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I just find it hard to believe you drive 150 milse a day and have never seen someone pulled over and the cop has their lights on.
That, sir, is not what I said. I said it has been 25 years since a State Trooper pulled ME over.

I do not study the hue of flashing lights as I continue to drive past a traffic stop. Perhaps you do. I suspect you do, as it seems to be very important to you. Other citizens have more important things to do than memorize various law enforcement agencies choices of colors for their flashy lights.

Even at that, any light bar that sits atop a police cruiser can be purchased. Any strobe that fits behind a grill can be purchased. Law enforcement does not have control of who buys these things. Almost every month I get another catalog from Galls who sells these. I am sure there are others. How about these? Or these?

If you desire to enter law enforcement to contribute to society rather than be a corrupt leech, then it would behoove you to try to understand the position of the civilian. Otherwise, you are just a thug with a badge.
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