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Spaceman, I really feel for you. When my grandfather died, (he was muti-millionare with several companies, bus companies, 1800 acre ranch, etc.) it was world war three between my dad's three brothers and their step mom. I kid you not, the estate went on for over 16 years!!!! After a year of trying to mediate and reach a conclusion, my dad finaly said "I'm out. Give me this and this, and I'm done." They all tried to convince him it would all be settled in a month. HA! The brothers were stealing things and selling them for dirt just for fast cash. Things like buldozers, dump trucks, busses, front end loaders. It was really sick, because they all could have been VERY well off. Instead, they fought, and the lawyers wound up with almost all of it. One of the bankers ended up in fed prison for embezeling hundreds of thousands of dollars off the estate.

I also know what you mean about the people from the villages. I lived in Alaska as a kid, and my other grandfather was superintendant of education for all the villages in the state in the 70's and 80's. He would go out and set up and oversee the schools, and spent a lot of time in many of them. He would get very close to the people in his times there, and it would break his heart to see what happened to some of them after they left the villages.

Thoughts and prayers are with you man!
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