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spacemanspiff, hope everything goes alright. all you need to work about is yourself and wow ever you love. i am kinda in the same.

my anut never viisted my grandmother only unless she wanted money. this happened about a couple years ago. my grandmother died in 2002. i came down to the funeral. what do you know she was crying her eyes out. she made a promise to my grandfather that she would visit him once a week. she only visits him for money. i confronted her(against my moms wishes) because my aunt can only dish out, but cant take when someone confronts her. now i don't talk to her, and i have to try my best to keep my mouth shut because my mom asked me and i told her to the best of my ability. she tried to convice my grandfather to give her the land that was promise to my mom.(straw that broke the camels back).

some history. i live right next door to my grandfather visit her everyday. my aunt can go to the mall and such but can't visit her own father. from the mall we live about a mile away. you have to pass out house and my grandfathers house to get to the mall.

i told my mom my mom talked to her. but her husband said it was theirs. my mom is paying for that property. well when my uncle raised his voice and pushed my mom i knocked my out, and kicked him a couple times on the floor.
i don't care for those relitives, and my grandfather said i did a good job. he know is is going to be my moms property and told everyone in the family this.

p.s. thanksgiving, and christmas are very intresting.

now i go viist my grandfather when they are there because, i personal don't want them to talk to him. but when i get their all the sh** talking stops and my grandfather tells me when they are coming.
life doesn't give you a second chance to learn from your mistakes.
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