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crazy aunt

Im new here so i hope i dont get kicked-off but when i have a problem with a female there is plenty of crack-heads on about every corner here and they (female ones) will knock another females teeth down her throat for 10 or 20 bucks, that might sound nutz to some people but man when you start talking (and typing) about domestic problems and gun-fire your opening up a real barrell -o-worms, at least get a police record of her threats incase something does happen because too many times you will be the one behind bars no matter what happens. As far as the law goes around here you have to be able to articulate to a prosecuter &/or jury that you had absolutly no choice left to use your firearm, so anything short of her comming at you w/a butcher knife or a gun wont do. Have you thought about having her committed to a mental inst.?, im serious, cause when the hearst shows up its too late. see ya
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