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yeaaaah, well see that wont be happening anytime soon 20cows.

see, the leeches did find out that i took the dog to the pound, thats all documented. and they were quick to let gram know i was a mean terrible person. then somehow someone got the bright idea to change that story and say i took the dog and shot it.

ran into a couple of cousins last night, at first they were nice and friendly, then a few hours later after they had their liquid courage (i was working security at a boxing event) they confronted me. i got told that they 'never like me'. gee, what a shock! and i lost sooo much sleep over it! well, only one of the cousins actually did any talking. it was as if it was some big revelation that she never liked me, and oh, if i ever get the urge to shoot another dog, they'll be on me!

i'm 99% positive this rumor got started by my own brother, who has made threats to me in the past, so i'm considering him as much of a threat as the rest of them. although i'm keeping the eyes on the back of my head wide open, i'm not too concerned since they all know i carry.

none of us have heard from gram. shes cut off contact and told us she doesnt need us.
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