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I really like my Model 70 Classic Stainless in .300 Win. It shoots every bit as well as the Rem. 700 in .243 that I shoot, at least as long as the barrel is cool. I am not sure, but I think they have gone to some MIM or something similar for some parts, but I haven't seen or heard of any problems with it. My barrel says New Haven, CT on the side of it. The barrels are hammer-forged, except for the stainless ones, and barrels .375 and above.
If you are going to be hunting with it, any slight loss in accuracy that you may get would imo (I don't hunt) easily be outweighed by the other features of this gun. As far as mine goes, it is light, the safety is lightyears better than the other types I have seen, and as it is a firing pin blocker, it is safer to carry with one in the chamber, and the trigger is easily adjustable, imo easier than the Rem. trigger (no sear engagement adjustment though, which to me was a plus).
As for the cons, the recoil pad was basically a chunk of truck tire (not the same on the featherweight, I think), I had to smooth out part of the follower becuase the bolt would hang up a little on it (not necessary, just didn't like it like that), and if I don't keep enough finger in the trigger guard, the knurled part of the bolt handle will take off some skin on my trigger finger. I think this is technique/finger length problem though.
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