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All of the above mentioned rounds will work just dandy. If a guy wants to shoot speed goats with a big magnum that's fine too. Just remeber that with any round approaching 3000F/s to use a good quality controlled expansion bullets or you will get some rather nasty exit wounds on a poor little ole goatalope.

I saw a guy shoot a buck two years ago with a .300 Weatherby using 180gr silver balistic tips at like 3200 FPS. He shot the poor little buck at less than 100 yards. The resulting wound was gruesome to say the least. It blew a hole the size of a beach ball out the off side and we found bullet fragments in the both hind quarters as well.

That same shot at that same evelocity with a nosler or an X bullet or some such would have been quite a bit more tame.

I've seen hot .25's do about the same thing with soft bullets.

My favorite pronghorn gun is a .308 win shooting a 150 gr factory corelokt. Shoots as flat as I can stand and does very little meat damage. I used to shoot goats with a .257 Weatherby. While plenty a flat shooter that little devil did some bodacious explosive damage to the meat.

I do like the 06 or the .308 with proper bullets and moderate load on antelope.

the .270, .25-06, 7mm-08, .264, .260, .243, .6mm rem, Are all great rounds as well as are a whole list I didn't mention here!

Antelope hunting fun, me like!
Velocity is thrilling, But diameter does the real killing.
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