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PLEASE Help!!! Need Place to Shoot in Snohomish County WA!!!

Does anyone know of any LEGAL locations in Snohomish County land/forests where one can go shooting without trouble from the Po Po? I have the official map of 'No Shooting Zones' but from driving around most everything is privately owned or posted as "No Tresspassing." I'm just worried about spooking the Anti Gun folks around here. I also hate the idea of being limited to 25 yard indoor ranges, or waiting for the day when a position finally opens up at one of the private outdoor ranges in the event a member dies!
I live near stanwood, so everything is pretty rural. The catch is that I also live in a pretty liberal state with an abundance of soccar moms. Please help!! In an area this lush with forests and hills there must be some places folks like to go to plink for free. I just don't know any of them.
I also would prefer not to drive all hell and gone; with gas prices it wouldn't be worth my while.

Thanks for any help.
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