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Ron... As far as I can tell, It takes a competitive benchrest rifle to prove that there is an advantage to be gained in the matter of group size due to not cleaning (slightly dirty) primer pockets, and then only on my best days. However, all primer formulations that I am aware of contain a frictionator, commonly ground glass, as well as other chemicals the residues of which are which are relatively hard. I, for one, don't care to send any more of these fragments down my barrels than necessary. This residue does sometimes shake loose: if you examine decapped cases, it isn't that uncommon to see a half clean primer pocket. I recommend the use of the carbide primer pocket uniformers available from Sinclairs or Whitetail Engineering for primer pocket cleaning. Yes, this will wear them out, but you'll get tens of thousands of rounds cleaned before you need to secure another for uniforming. Good shooting, Bob.
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