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About 1960 or so , I bought a couple of boxes of W-W SuperX Match.45ACP jacketed SWC ammo to try out for accuracy in a S&W 1917 revolver I had just aquired. The ammo was aptly named. It gave super accuracy in the old Smith, better than anything I had tried. When I went to reload the cases, I found that all the flash holes were off center about the same amount that you described here. Since I was on a very tight shooting budget, I went ahead and reloaded them anyway, and although my lead bullet reloads weren't as accurate as the factory loads, they were ok.

I must have reloaded that old brass 25 0r 30 times over the years, and never had a problem with it. In fact, I still have over half of it somewhere, but I don't load it anymore.

Having said all that, I think I would go along with Hank L's suggestion though. Back in '60 most shooters didn't reload, so WW probably knew about the off center holes, but figured no one would ever know as long as it shot OK. Today I don't think any reputable company would sell brass with an obvious defect like this, so the company may short cut quality in other, more serious areas as well.

I still find it hard to believe that W-W put out a lot of MATCH ammo in cases like I had though. Every other batch of W-W ammo or components I have used since have been excellent quality.
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