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I have three nygant pistols in calibers 7.62nygant,.32acp,and 7.62x25mm. The .32acp is a cylinder from SOG for $50. It is cheap to shoot and is in the .22 recoil catagory. The 7.62x25mm cylinder was reamed by a gunsmith in MO who advertises in Shotgun News $50. This conversion makes the nygant a very affordable shooter. Judging by the recoil it puts this pistol in the magnum class. It recoils slightly more than the Fiocchi ammo. Which seems pretty hot compared to the Russian surplus target ammo.
The dies are avalable from part# 56272 for $91.80
I would recomend the 7.62x25mm conversion to make the pistol cost effective to shoot.
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