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Alledgedly, when I picked up my revolver many years ago, you could use .32/20 cases. They are a trifle short and you do not get the gas seal effect but load the bullet a little deep and get maximum available power. Standard case is slightly more tapered so not all guns will take 32/20's without "sizing..." but most. Factory ammo has bullet out too far. You can cut it off or file it off but that makes for some weird accuracy. .32 short and long are a joke in comparison. Dies?-- I have no idea unless you want to pay for custom. I wouldn't. Old West Scrounger has the broadest supply of goodies like this I know of. Might have dies... might have surplus ammo. But the old days are gone... good luck. You can decapp berdan with water, wear a swim suit and goggles, and I think Scrounger has RWS berdan primers... !!
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