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This one has me stumped: Can't find dies for the specific cartridge, all the brass is berdan primed except the expensive Fiocchi. A box of ammo costs almost as much as the gun. Trying to figure out some way to reform something to use.
I have used the 32 Colt(long) and 32 S&W (short) cases with some success but the cases bulge to fit the chamber, I used a set of 30 carbine dies and mild loads with an 88gr lead bullet sized to .312 dia. No crimp obviously with this set up and no gas seal at the chamber/throat gap. Any other suggestions to keep these pieces shooting?
Now I see why the Russians played roulett with this gun, one of the first with 7 chambers??? From an 1895 model and we think the 6+1 revolver is a new invention.
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