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You shouldn't have any trouble finding a good load with any of the commercial SP, HP, or match quality bullets. If your main interest is in target shooting out to 200yds., then bullets in the 55 to 60gr range will be heavy enough. Past 200, you need to start looking at the 68-69gr bullets. If you want to hunt varmints with your AR, stick with hunting style bullets, as match BTHP's aren't made to expand. If you want to experiment out to 500+ yds, your 1/7 twist barrel will handle the 75-80gr match bullets, including the VLD designs. I've had good results with either commercial brass or LC military stuff. I would stick with either the Win. WSR or Rem.7-1/2 primers, as they have a fairly tough cup to help prevent slamfires. H335, W748, AA2230, AA2460 are just a few of the powders that work well with the light end of the bullets, while AA2520, Varget, RL-15, N135 & N140 do well with the heavier ones. One of the complete outfits from one of the quality manufacturers would be the easiest way to get into equipment. There are less expensive ways to go, but you have to be careful not to scrimp in certain areas, or you'll wind up replacing stuff right away. Loading 1000 rounds a year will amortize the cost of loading tools in less than a year, unless you really spend big bucks on tools. The best advice I can give would be for you to talk with one of your friends who has reloaded for several years and get his advice on tools, and/or find a good dealer who is more interested in getting you started in the right direction than in selling you one of everything he has in stock. Definatly get one of the loading manuals from Sierra, Hornady, Speer, Lyman or Hodgdon and look at the chapters on getting started. Once you have a grasp of what's involved, it will make it a lot easier to understand what you need in the way of tools. You can never have too many manuals - you need to compare data from several sources to help you decide on your loads. Good luck, and good shooting!
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