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OK snoman, NRMA has a link on many gunlinks.
If you can't find it please email me and I will find it for you. I got a set of them and used them to build my bench. They might be small "short" for some applications so I built two to cover 11'8" of wall space. They are about 33" deep and have quite a bit of storage included in the design. I like to sit at a stool or stand so my table top is set at
37 1/4". I have from l to r a printer, RL 450, Rockchucker, Powder Dropper, RL 650, RCBS primer seater, RCBS case trimmer mounted
and have room for not much more . It's a good design and worth looking into. I seriously will help you look it up if you want.
Have Fun and Be Safe, Hank

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