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Used an idea I got from an old friend. I picked up one of those old metal kitchen sink bases. I bolted 2x4's to the side at the top and mounted 2x10 and 2x12's to that for the work area. The back was open to the wall and so I covered it with sheet metal, old road signs. It had two built in utensil draws, and a small door on the left. Two doors under the "sink" can be locked together. If you store some bullets and brass in the bottom it wont rock. Also I mounted my two presses, single stage for rifle, and progressive for handgun, on pieces of 2x8. They are held on to the top by a single carriage bolt and can swivel back and forth. I take the single stage off and swing the progressive press right around to work on it. It has a longer 2x8 and is bolted toward the back of the bench. I use old supermarket bags as dust covers for the presses to keep the kitchen motife.

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