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I found a 5'x9' metal work bench at a surplus auction. $20 bucks and it was mine. 4"x2" C tube construction with 6' angle iron legs (real good for mounting peg board to the part that sticks above the bench). 1/8" sheet plating makes the top. Mount your press to a piece of 1/4" steel and drill 4 holes about 1" away from the corners of your press. Then line up the press mount where you want it to be and drill similar holes into the workbench. Tack weld nuts on the bottom of the workbench then tack weld washers onto the tops of the bolts you are going to use (to use as a grip when bolting the press down). This way you have a easily removable press that is secured to your workbench for a minimum price.


ps: If you really want to get fancy, you can do what I did and cut slots in your press base and have your press rotate for ease of use (just watch your knuckles!)
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