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Mal. I think the 185 gr. bullet is for the 8mm Mag.
I was at the biggest gun store in Tucson yesterday. There was no 8mm Mag to be had. Remington quit making the rifles some time back, and you can only get one now through the custom shop.
Winchester and remington are dropping a lot of cartridges. Win. 7x57 Mauser, .358 Win. .458 Win. are just a few. For Remington, the 6.5 Rem. Mag., .350 Rem. Mag., and I haven't seen any 8mm Rem mag. or .35 Whelan on the shelves for some time. I guess the bean counters feel they are not selling enough of the stuff, so screw us.
If I am right, and that 185 gr. stuff is 8mm mag. I'd buy up as much as I could afford to get. At $15 a box, and if it is 20 rounds, then they're trying to clear it out, it seems to me.
Hell I look for Win. brand .458 brass where ever I go. I use it to make up rounds for a wildcat .375 I have. Of course, if i have to, I can and have used 7mm Mag. and .338 Mag brass to form my rounds but .458's are less work. But that's another story.
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