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Re: Power Pistol and 9mm.

I too, was disappointed to see the absence of 9mm lead for this powder. BUT, since I would test fire it in a CZ52 with 9mm bbl that has nobly withstood some pretty stiff loads,and provided excellent accuracy, I charged on.

I'm still working with power pistol, and receive excellent performance, comparable to the AA#7 load at 6 grains for the 120 gr RN cast.

I dont need to do any more than punch holes in paper so I sometimes get good performance as low as 15% below published starting loads.

You might recall the CZ52's performance with 7.62 x 25 ammo is rather astounding...loud discharge and exciting muzzle flash. Well, power pistol's muzzle flash in the above load is similarly FUN!

In discussions with wiser reloaders than myself, I'm told to look at Winchester Super Light (WSL) for my gallery application. They claim its a very efficient and clean powder with modest velocities. A can is on order.

Using Accurate powders, I used 3.9 gr A#2, 7 gr AA# 7 to get equivalent performance with the same bullet. If you study the manuals, you'll see they arent hot loads. They all make my Ruger P-95, CZ 52 and Browning pistols behave well and perform targetwise.

Rotsa ruck!
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