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Blitzkrieg: No argument with all of the above. I don't know what you can afford.

I loaded a lot of '06 stuff with a Lyman 310 Tong Tool. As I've posted before, I'm a believer in "good used" reloading gear. After all, isn't your brand-new press gonna be good and used in a few years? It's hard to hurt one, and I figure you're smart enough to avoid one with rust and dings...I guess I'd stay with RCBS, if you're a Newbie at reloading.

I think I'd get pickier about my powder scale than any other piece of reloading equipment. Unless you're going into something like benchrest competition, I'd suggest a middle-quality beam-balance...And I've had good "repeatibility" with an RCBS powder measure.

Best luck, Art
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