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Cape Fear. I have some data for gallery loads from Handloader magazine. The bullets used in the article are only 90 to 100 grains in weight, but I have used the data with 115 to 120 grain bullets with no problem in both the 30-06 and .308 Win.
If you will E-mail me your E-mail address, I will send you what I have. These are very light loads that are not much good beyond 25 to 35 yards for target shooting and small game. Velocity levels will run from 918 to 999 FPS in the .308 and 860 to 1098 FPS in the 06. I can give data that will exceed these levels, if you wish.
I suggest, if you want these loads, that you take a square of toilet paper (single ply) cut into 4 squares, and use a dowel to push it down to hold the powder against the primer for more positive ignition. It's kind of fun watching the confetti that comes out when you shoot.
Seriously though, E-mail me. I don't give data out publicly over forums due to liability concerns. You never know when some idiot will try to use the data and hurt himself, then sue me.
Another point. Getting accuracy will be a sometimes thing due to the bullet having to jump so far before engaging the rifleing. I guess you already know that, because you did mention trying different seating depths.
If you want the data, let me know.
Paul B.
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