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O'wise ones I need help, again. I was given 1,000 .308 115 grain lubed and sized cast bullets. They are of commerical manufacture. Can anyone recommend a good starting load? I will be shooting them out of a Remington 700 in 308 or 30-06. I tried one starting load in the Lyman #47 manual and decided it won't work for me. I tried three different seating depths and still couldn't cover the group with my hand at 50 yards. Anyone have a tried and true load? I only want it to plink with and subsonic would be even better.
A second question if I can. While reading on this board (I think) a while back someone mentioned a way to clean brass using water and some type of cleaner. I have three five gallon buckets of 38 Special brass so I will tumble it if necessary but an alternate way would help. If you think this is not a good way to clean brass please tell me, I am here to learn. Thanks for your answers guys I appreciate all the help I get here.
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