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Sunday afternoon we started in with brownie and Quick Kill (QK). Let me get this out up front. Matt and 7677 have been teaching their stuff for free for years. I believe that I can freely discuss or teach their stuff as much as I want (with the proper credit). Out of respect for brownie, I will not be going into the specifics of QK. Everything that you need to know about the technique is already on this forum, search it. That will get you the concept. But, the concept is based on confidence. Without hands on instruction you will never get the full potential out of this technique. As brownie says "the only limiting factor is your mind."

For those of you that followed along as I was trying to figure QK out, you are probably wondering if I indeed, had figured it out. The answer is yes, I did. But that was not enough. Since it is based on confidence, finding out for a fact that I understood the technique and receiving hands on instruction and refinement really makes this technique shine. I can do things with QK that I am not capable of with deliberate sighted fire.

The technique excels when speed is the key factor. Speed of the shot, speed of your movement, and speed of your opponents movement. All the while giving you excellent accuracy and possible the very best accuracy possible when there is dynamic movement.

For anyone that has followed my writings or seen me train with dynamic movement, you know that I want to go way past the crab walk or the groucho walk. I want to make hits "on the run." I believe that this is an extremely neglected part of the skillset. I have been trying to figure out what the mental block is with so many of the HS/LD students and instructors. The only thing I can come up with is that they just can not get the hits "on the run."

And in comes QK! IMHO, without a doubt, this is the very best way to get hits while you are exploring your limitations of dynamic movement. If for just this one reason, I would recommend, in the strongest way possible, that you learn QK. If you think that getting hits without being hit is important...see brownie. If you think that a confrontation may include dynamic movement or shooting on the run....see brownie. If you think that getting hits on the run is a skill that you may need......yeah, you get the idea.

Damm good technique! I got to put it to use in FOF with mutual dynamic movement. Dude, it is a no brainer, it is like just reaching out and touching someone. It is actually so simple it's scary. With this skill, I will put my ability to makes hits "on the run" as my "greatest strength." That is a very reassuring fact!

Sunday evening was spent with more WWII combatives with Matt and stick work with brownie. Good stuff! I have got to get more training with these two on this.

Monday morning we had to do some catch up on QK, due to strong winds on Sunday afternoon. We banged away on steel with multiples and with dynamic movement. Brownie covered QK from the hip, firing to the rear without turning. Matt covered PSing with long guns. 7677 ran some FOF and went over the "Sight Continuum." There was a lot of different things going on, more than I will remember to write down.

All in all, it was an excellent three days of training. I will not go as far as saying it was the best course I've ever attended, but I will say this. This course gave me the most beneficial information that I have ever received in a course. Threat focus shooting is a skill that we all should own. You can train and train to go to the sights, but when the action is fast, the urgency is high, and you find yourself behind the reactionary curve you will either use threat focused shooting or you will die trying to get to your sights (credit given to 7677 for these words of wisdom.)

Sooo....You can either try to train away your natural reaction or except the fact that if someone is going to be trying to kill you, you will focus on the threat. Now if my front sight was trying to kill me, I would focus on that.

With that said, in a life threatening confrontation, there is nothing that I would rather see than a perfect sight picture on the threat. It is what I would want and what I would strive for. But if it ain't problem!
"Situations dictate strategy, strategy dictates tactics, tactics dictate techniques.....techniques should not dictate anything."
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