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D. Ed,

Next time your in the grocery or books store, pick up a copy of "American Handgunner" and look for any article on any major matches in the country. Almost always they will print a table listing the equipment the top 10-15 finishers use (guns, gunsmith, ammo, bullet type, weight, etc.), including reloading press. You'll find that almost ALL of the top competitors use Dillons.

Quality will be remembered long after you forgotten what price you paid: Buy a Dillon. I bought one in 1989 and I've never regretted it. Look at the site for others comments and you'll see a predictable pattern: Some will say Lee are OK, good etc., some will say Lee sucks the big one; virtually everyone who owns a Dillon is super pleased with it. Go and read for yourself.

BTW: Dillon used to have a deal where if you bought a reloader, they would charge your Visa/MC four equal payments over four months with no interest charges. Call them, they're on the web somewhere (try for a link). (Found they're number: 1-800-948-3845).


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