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I have been called "cheap", "tight",and"frugal". I started reloading when I graduated from college in 1957. Rifles were my first love in firearms, and I found a single stage press completely satisfactory. Still do for rifles. A couple of years ago I got interested in handguns, and was shooting about 1000 rds/mo. The time it took to load that much ammo was more th;an I wanted to spend using my RCB Rockchucker. After a lot of checkin with people who had progressive presses I settled on a Dillon 650 without the optional case feed. I have been perfectly satisfied, and the Dillon people are superb. What is an extra 200 bucks (my press cost 398) when you consider the cost of the componentsand the trouble free operation of the Dillon vs the others? Dillon wins hands down.
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