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This has not been the case for me. As mentioned in my first post, I've had my 1000 for at least two years. I know a lot of people say they don't hold up, so maybe I'm one of the "lucky" owners of one. All I know is that I haven't replaced any parts yet, load for 9 mm, .40 S & W, and .45 ACP, usually load 200 - 300 rounds at a time, and probably have at least 5000 rounds through it. Again, the only problem I have is that large pistol primers don't feed well. Finally realized that what was happening was that they seemed to be hanging up in the primer tray and not sliding down the chute consistently. When this happens there apparently isn't enough weight on the primers ready to feed onto the priming pin, and jams can occur. I verified this condition by inducing it with small primers (which normally feed OK), and was able to recreate it. Other than that, I am well pleased with the operation of the 1000. Would I buy another one? Based on my experience so far, the answer would be "yes". Any other ??'s, just ask. Hope this helps.

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