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Grayfox: Yup, and Unique is relatively slow burning for a pistol powder--which is why the Mag primer works better. More uniform ignition.

But for those who don't have much experience, nor a handy, quite experienced mentor for their reloading questions, I definitely prefer to err on the side of caution and safety.

Back when I first started reloading, my uncle showed me how to set an old Pacific scale, where you had to put weights in the pan and adjust the counterweight to your proposed load. I was loading 53.5 grains of 3031 behind a 110-grain Hornady spire-point in .30-06. There were some other bullets loose on the bench, including some 169-grain lead gas-checks. So, being an ignorant 16-year old, I loaded a couple of those, too.

My uncle came back through, checking on what I was doing. Saw the gas checks, and inquired. He then grinned and said something to the effect that he ought to let me go ahead and find out what kind of mistake I was about to make...

It probably would not have blown up that old Model 1917 Enfield, but I'd have been scraping a lot of lead out! And scraping, and scraping...That is *not* the way to lead-lap a barrel!

When in doubt, don't!
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