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Re: Shortwave laser(s)
Papa of the blue and green laser is Suji Nakamura.

Interesting fellow. He single handedly toppeled centuries of Japanese tradition BTW and blew the lid off of Japanese business/society/the traditional role of the "Samurai" in moden business.

Japanese business has always followed a modernday form of the tradition of Bushido, where unquestioned loyalty to ones employeer was expected. Similar to the traditional role of Lord/Samurai in Japanese history.

While working for Nichia as a researcher he developed the long sought "blue laser". Nichia paid him a $200.00 for his efforts, then went on to earn 1.8 Billion dollars with his process. Nakamura did what was at the time ws unheard of. He sued Nichia. He won a settlement of $8.1 Million dollars.

What the long term effects of his actions will be on a society based mostly on unquestioning loyalty, team vs individual effort and such is impossible to predict. Some speculate his actions will be as far reaching as Martin Luther's were with resepect to the Catholic religion.

Here's a good little article about it:

Sorry, didn't mean to sidetrack the topic. "green laser" caught my eye and I thought I'd throw this out. Years from now if Japan plunges into social/economic unrest, you can say "hey, that all might have started with the blue laser guy".
LOL! That and $5.00 should get'cha a cup of Joe @ McD.
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