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The only green ones I have seen are the IR lasers that you need goggles to see; yet as a colour it should be okay to see. I am most familiar with Lasermax fitted into the SIG P226, which you can get in pulse or steady beams. As a pair we trained with different laser types, so you didn't get confused which was your beam. I had a pulse laser so I knew to ignore the steady beam - they are brilliant deterrents.

The UK Armed Police have recently revisited their use of laser designators after gaining much success with Tazer, which has a laser. They have noticed how a great publicity campaign has resulted in many criminals freezing in their tracks when the beam is on them, because they do not want to be zapped - they have seen on the TV what happens in vivid detail!

Thus the Police are now mounting them up on their MP5s and G36Ks, which are their two 'weapons of choice'. There has been a marked reduction in the number of people shot by showing the weapons and their lasers on TV with a media awareness campaign; now people who might have otherwise been shot are freezing when they see a laser on them. The Police had loads of them in the 70s & 80s but waned in the 90s because of 'eye safety' concerns; now the benefits have overshadowed that.

Amazing how old lessons keep coming back to revisit us...

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