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Just got thru loading 50 round box of speer shot shells last week. Loaded them for friend for turkey hunting(snakes not turkey). The data is printed on the side of the box of capsules.
Also is in speer reloading manual. The only problem I had was the capsules would not seat fully in some S&B,R-P, and WCC cases.
These cases wouldn't let the capsule go deep enough in the case and would break the capsule. Winchester and Fedral cases had no seating problems.
I ended up with 42 of 50 shells loaded with intact capsules.
The only trick is that you have to tap the capsules with your finger to get the shot to pack into them. Slide the cap barely into the capsule and tap it with your finger and a few pieces of shot will fall into cap then press it in fully. You will have to fill several with shot before you get idea of how full it needs to be to not have the shot rattling around in capsule. If capsule makes any noise its not full add a few more pellets.
I guess I am slow it took me about 5 or 6 to figure it out.
Besides loading the capsules it is like loading any other ammo.
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