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Snake country, here in the 'Sierras de Cordoba' in argentina - we blam about six a year, average, in our garden enclosure (surrounding country is mesquite and such, thick brush) - so 38 shotshells are 'standard issue' in summertime - Mine (also) a GP-100 with 3" barrel, the wife a Taurus (SW clone) five shot 2". we use CCI encapsulated factory shotshells - very effective out to two yards at least. Have tried homespun capsules (including .410 idea) with less - but acceptable- success, and no capsule (that hardly works at all). I'd go with the Speer shells if i had to roll my own, i think.

BTW aslo carry a North American Arms mini revolver when i have to be dressed more 'sociably' with 22 shotshells - CCI work well, Remington (i think - they have a crimped over load) hardly at all. Haven't tried 'antiquating' any furniture yet, but will keep it in mind...

Speaking of which, one time i snap shot a "yarara" (thats like a rattler without the rattle) between a visiting priests feet. He was highly surprised, but pretty thankful to the Lord (didn't mention NAA though).

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