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Keith. If it was me, I would immediately go into hock for the guide gun. What is your life worth? You can always get a personal loan from the bank. At least I think they still do that. The only bears I have to contend with are black bears that have, unfortunately been fed by dumb tourists, and figure evry person that comes along is good for a free meal. A very pretty young 15 year old girl got mauled last year on a camping trip. I carry a Ruger Super Blackhawk when I hike that area, with a maximum 300 gr. cast lead handload. Been lucky though. I haven't had to use it. Hope I never have to. But Kodiak bears? I'd go with the 45-70 with a tough 400 grain bullet heat treated for maximim hardness and strength. They wouldn't even have to be loaded that hot. I have a regukar Marlin 95, and I shoot the aforementioned bullet in it now. I do the same with a 525 gr. bullet in a Ruger #1. That one kicks like hell too. I find your comments about the .375 H&H somewhat strange. I you were using one for close quarters use, why would you use a 3x9 power scope. I'd use a ghost ring sight, or plain express iron sights for that purpose. If I had to use a scope, nothing over 2 1/2 to 3 power, but I'd still feel better with the ghost ring sight.(peep sight with the center eyepiece removed) Just my thoughts in passing. Hope you find something of use, or to think about.
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